Contemporary GG Apartment With A Metal Chute

This contemporary apartment is nowhere but boring, it features a metal chute and stylish furniture and bright touches

Ki design studio has renovated the GG apartment situated in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. Located at the top of a building dating back to 1917, the apartment was redeveloped and the designers incorporated a metal chute that the clients, or their guests, can slide down from the second floor.

This unusual design solution was integrated because the client didn’t want a boring space and wanted a wow factor in his home. Due to the load-bearing floor construction of the existing 20th century building, inserting the slide posed a challenge for the designers and builders. As cutting into an area of the floor could’ve proven fatal for the entire structure, time had to be taken in deciding where to position the intervention to ensure overall safety.

Ki design studio created a master bedroom with adjoining dressing room and spacious shower room, a guest bedroom, a private bathroom, and an office. On the first floor, the apartment comprises of a common area with living, kitchen and dining area and separate rooms for future children.

The majority of the first floor is planned as an open space, with the kitchen, living and dining area visually connected. This helps to create light, airy spaces more suited to contemporary lifestyles. on the upper floor, rooms benefit from large skylights, which bring in plenty of daylight and make the ceiling height appear greater. Regarding the material palette of the interior, warm tones of timber have been implemented against warm white and light gray, with pops of bright color in the textiles and furniture.

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The living room is a large open space with tall windows, several sitting areas and a metal chute

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The kitchen is small and is done with wooden cabinets, a large storage unit and it gently flows into the dining area

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The master bedroom features a skylight, potted plants, a built-in storage unit with a mirror

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The second bedroom is smaller, it also features skylights, brick, storage units and a comfy bed

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The bathroom is done with black hex tiles, sleek concrete walls, a floating vanity with storage and a lit mirror

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The powder room is done with hex mirrors, a sink on a wooden vanity

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The entryway is very small and sleek – there’s only a built-in storage unit and an ottoman

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This is how the living room looks from another angle, it’s chic and full of natural light

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